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Make job seeking easier with CareerBuilder’s job finder app

Make job seeking easier with CareerBuilder’s job finder app. Search and apply for the most up-to-date job postings from anywhere at your fingertips and begin your career path.

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For over 20 years, CareerBuilder has put America to work, helping millions of people out of unemployment and find jobs without the help of a headhunter. Hundreds of thousands of employers find the talent they need to succeed.

No need to login to see the variety of positions available across the country or local jobs nearby. Quickly apply to job listings from your phone and manage your job search anytime, anywhere and you might even find a job today!

Customize Your Job Search:

• Quickly and simply search jobs based on job title, location, or keywords from our exhaustive list of available employment opportunities

• Find the nearest local job openings that best suit you from companies hiring now or online jobs where you can work from home

• We have jobs for all kinds of job seeker – part time jobs, remote jobs, jobs nearby and more

• Filter results by salary, education, qualifications, experience or the terms that matter the most to you and make the money you deserve

Create an Account to Use our Job Tracker

• Get the most out of your job search process and create a profile

• Let CareerBuilder recommend job openings that may be right for you and create a job alert

• See similar jobs to the ones you applied for and apply to multiple jobs at once

Upload a Resume or Curriculum Vitae

• Add a resume or CV to your profile with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

• Let employers and companies bring their opportunities to you

• One tap Quick Apply instantly from within the app

Manage Your Job Applications

• Track the jobs you’ve applied for and saved as favorites

• View your job application history

• Save jobs to view and apply later

• Prepare for that upcoming interview and review the job description details by pulling up your job application history

CareerBuilder’s Job Search app is the easiest way to find the jobs you want, send job applications, and manage your career search from anywhere at any time The search starts today!


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